Bob Brothers is an Oklahoma artist with a background in fine arts and design.  From an early age he was fascinated by the tattoo community.  When tattooing was legalized in Oklahoma in 2006 he pursued an apprenticeship in the industry, and has now been perfecting his craft for over 8 years.  Pop culture has been a major influence in his artwork.
Bob strives to provide a quality tattoo in a comfortable, relaxing environment.  Capable of a variety of styles, he enjoys black and grey realistic and photo realism, as well as color realism and illustrative pieces.

Consultations with Bob are scheduled every Wednesday between 12pm and 8pm.  Come in today to sit down and discuss ideas for your very own custom artwork!

  • "My best friend and I had tattoos done by Bobby Brothers a few days ago.  He did an amazing job and was extremely kind and professional.  He did an awesome job explaining step by step to my first-timer friend about the process and the aftercare. He didn't even get (visibly, haha) annoyed with her over dramatic antics!  Between his excellent work and friendly demeanor, I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

    Kristi Tillett Blakeney, August 15, 2017

  • "I've only got 2 tattoos but both of them are very personal and emotional to me.  Bobby Brothers was my artist of choice, recommended by a friend of mine who has kept Mr.  Brothers busy, to say the least.  I can't imagine finding anyone better than Bobby. He is able to create the perfect imagies that I see in my heart and mind.  He is an artist at heart and our/your body is his perfect canvas. I'll never go anywhere else."

    Michael Goad, March 17, 2017

  • "Bob Brothers is the man to go to!  He totally killed this black and grey realistic owl face today!  Super pleased I chose him as my artist.  Hit him up!  You won't be disappointed at all!!"

    Phil Polo , August 8, 2017

  • "Bob did an amazing job on my tattoo in memory of my mom and dad.  So nice and professional.  Loved it."

    Tamara Jaques-Graumann, March 16, 2016