This is the most common question asked and the hardest to answer.  The most honest answer we can give is  "Sometimes".   Pain tolerence varies from person to person, and the sensitiviy of an individual's pain receptors can vary greatly throughout the body.  What may hurt on one person may not hurt at all on someone else.

The state of Oklahoma prohibits the tattooing of persons under 18 yrs old.
(Yes, even with parental consent)

We don't tattoo pregnant or nursing women due to the increased risk of infection for the mother and child.

A VALID state-issued photo ID is required with every appointment.

Pricing can vary from piece to piece and artist to artist.  Visit us for a consultation and your free quote today!

It's best to show up for your tattoo well-hydrated and with some food in your stomach.  We recommend eating and drinking within 1 to 2 hours from your scheduled appointment time for the most effective experience.  Do NOT ingest any alochol or drugs beforehand.  Clients showing up to their appointment under the influence will be turned away.

Please visit our Aftercare section for information on properly handling, caring for, and maintaining your tattoo.

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